Code Compliance


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code violations

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The Town of Fort Myers Beach Code Enforcement's purpose is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town of Fort Myers Beach through the enforcement of the Code of Ordinances.

Common types of violations:

Property rentals are regulated by the Town of Fort Myers Beach Division 32-A

  • Noise Complaints - Call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 239-477-1000.

Property maintenance and yard maintenance are regulated under the Town of Fort Myers Beach Property Maintenance Code. Common violations:

  • Structures needing repair/maintenance including rotten deck/stair boards; loose fascia/soffit material (section 302.4)
  • Overgrown yards which consists of weeds/plant growth over 12” in height (section 301.2)
  • Litter, junk trash debris on property

Work without a Permit - all construction requires a permit under the Town of Fort Myers Beach Building Code. Common violations consist of:

  • fences
  • stair replacement
  • deck replacement
  • enclosing below flood

Placement of trash cans at the street - no trash cans can be placed at curb 24 hours prior to pick up and must be removed 24 hours after pick up

Lien Search Request Form

Code Enforcement Lien Reduction Request Application

Code Enforcement - Conduct of Hearing

Complaints handled by other Departments

  • Cleanliness of Restaurants (Lee County Health Department - 239-332-9501)
  • Infestation for rats and mice, insects on exterior of property (Lee County Health Department - 239-332-9501)
  • Garbage Collection (Advanced Disposal/Veolia 239-334-1224)
  • Estero Blvd Sidewalk in disrepair from Lani Kai, South (Lee County 239-533-9400)
  • Street Lights Out (FPL 239-334-7754)
  • Animals - Loose Domestic or related issues (Animal Control 239-533-7387)
  • Animals - Hurt Wild or related issues (CROW 239-472-3644)
  • Animals - Turtles or related issues (Turtle Time 239-481-5566)
  • Cars/Trucks blocking the street (BASE 239-463-5888 or click here)
  • Criminal Activity (Lee County Sheriff's Office 239-477-1000)
  • Water Leaks (Beach Water 239-463-9914 or click here)