May 12,2015

Newton Park
4610 Estero Boulevard

Fort Myers Beach, Florida  33931

                                     Tuesday - May 12, 2015      9:00 AM

I.      Call to Order
II.     Invocation
III.    Pledge of Allegiance

IV.    Minutes
          A.  Minutes of April 14, 2015 LPA meeting.                                        5 minutes

V.    Public Hearing
         A. SEZ014-0001 - Convert Seasonal Parking Lot to Year Round Parking Lot  
VI.      EAR Discussion                                                                                   75 minutes
            A. Review Elements
                  i.   Review Utilities
                  ii.  Review Stormwater Management Element                       
                  iii. Public Schools Elements
                  iv. Envisioning Element
                  v.  Community Design

VII. Post- disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Ordinance.              60 Minutes

Adjourn as LPA and reconvene as Historic Preservation Board  
         A. Mound House Sign
Adjourn as Historic Preservation Board and reconvene as LPA                                                                                                              
VII.      LPA Member Items and Report                                                         15 minutes                                                            
VIII.     LPA attorney Items                                                                             5 minutes

IX.       Community Development Items                                                         5 minutes

X.        LPA Action Item List Review                                                             10 minutes

XI.       Items for next month's Agenda                                                          10 minutes

XII.      Public Comment

XIII.     Adjournment

Next Meeting:  June 9, 2015