Temporary Use Permit

Town changes permit process allowing temporary use of trailers and structures 

RV’s, mobile homes, food trucks, retail structures and others qualify 

To expedite the rebuilding process for residents impacted by Hurricane Ian and invest back into the local economy, the Town is allowing property and business owners to register to have recreational vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, retail stores, or food trucks.

Requirements to receive a permit:

  1. The applicant must be the property owner/commercial tenant of the lot and the vendor must have a Lee County Tax-ID; or with the Town’s consent, have the permission of the property owner to operate at that location (permission must be supplied with registration form).
  2. All vehicles and structures must be completely on the lot and may not extend into the public right-of-way.
    1. Vehicles/structures must be oriented to be parallel to the right-of-way and there must be sufficient separation so that all commercial activity takes place entirely on the applicant’s lot. A site sketch must be provided as part of the application.
  3. Vehicles and structures must be setback by no less than the width of the vehicle/structure (i.e. track width) from any property line and not protrude into the right of way.
  4. Food Service Kitchens are permitted on their brick-and-mortar commercial site that is zoned for that type of activity.
    1. Retail clothing stores may not accommodate food trucks.
  5. Must be placed on a solid concrete slab, pavers or similar hard surface, stabilized surface or a tarp placed under the vehicle/ structure.
  6. Temp power/utilities must be secured within 14 calendar days of application. 
  7. Vehicle and mobile home must be on wheels and be able to quickly disconnect utility connections and be removed from the property after a hurricane watch has been issued.

Download the Temporary Use Permit Application