Hurricane Ian Resources

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What to do with the overwash sand in the Hurricane Ian affected communities of southwest Florida  

Clean beach sand is an invaluable natural resource that we all want on the beach, regardless of whether the sand ended up seaward or landward of the state of Florida coastal construction control line (CCCL).

Property owners should focus on removing the storm debris while being careful not to take sand with it. Then the sand can be moved aside and stockpiled in an open area until the local government can ensure it is clean enough to go to the beach, or it can be approved to be returned to the beach.

Post Storm Emergency Permitting Guidance for Private Property Owners and Managers

Post Storm Emergency Permit Assistance, Request Form

How to Use FDEP’s Map Direct to locate the CCCL on Your Property

Post Storm Emergency Sand Specifications

As the communities start to clean up, homeowners, emergency workers, and volunteers expose themselves to debris and structural damage that can release asbestos fibers. Asbestos exposure is the leading cause of Mesothelioma Cancer.

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