Can I occupy a structure and/or connect electric service?

The structures located in the Town of Fort Myers Beach have been severely impacted by Hurricane Ian with widespread visible damage to one or more structural and electrical components. Due to the severity of the storm and with the intent of protecting against further loss of life, it is the position of the Town of Fort Myers Beach that all structures are currently considered unsafe until a certification of safety can be completed for the structure and electrical systems.

Prior to occupying a structure or proceeding with building, renovating, or adding to a structure, a structural inspection and an electrical inspection must be completed. 

The structural inspection must be performed by a professional engineer with structural experience licensed in the State of Florida. Upon completing the inspection, the structural engineer must offer their findings and expert opinion in the form of a post-inspection report. This report must be signed, sealed, and dated by the structural engineer and must certify the following:

1)   The integrity of the structure has been maintained

2)   The structure is currently in a condition to securely withstand the weight of its anticipated loads

3)   The structure will continue to perform safely as intended for the foreseeable future.

The electrical inspection must be performed by either an electrical engineer licensed in the State of Florida or a Florida-licensed electrical contractor. The report must certify that in the expert opinion of the Florida-licensed electrical professional, the electrical system is safe to reconnect to electrical service.

The electrical report must be emailed to the Town of Fort Myers Beach Building Services Division at The format of the report is at the discretion of the contractor, but it must include the contractor’s name, license number, and whether the structure is safe to energize. After submittal and approval of the report by the Town, the information will be forwarded to the electric utility (FPL) for their use in connecting electric to the structure.

After a building is cleared to energize, the Town will notify FPL that the building is safe to energize. FPL has asked the Town to email a daily report to them at 3pm with a list of addresses that have been cleared for reenergizing. A confirmation email is also sent by the Town to the email address on record to notify them that FPL has been notified. Note that FPL is experiencing a high volume of reconnection requests at this time and have notified the Town that it may take up to 7 business days for them to reestablish services to properties after receiving this emailed list.

Note that it is the property owners’ responsibility to arrange for these inspections with the licensed professionals of their choice and to ensure that the documents are submitted to the Town of Fort Myers Beach. A list of contractors registered with the Town of Fort Myers Beach is available at the Town website at However, the property owner may also select a professional that is not currently registered with the Town but is licensed in the State of Florida. The post-inspection reports must be emailed to the Town of Fort Myers Beach Building Services Division at After submittal and approval of the documents, the structure may be legally occupied.

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