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Labels are provided on the map to describe which flood zone each property lies within. Properties shown in red are VE zones, while properties in blue are AE zones. Please note, if your property lies within 2 or more flood zones, the more restrictive applies. VE is more restrictive than AE, and a higher number is more restrictive than a lower number. 

New flood maps as of Oct 28, 2022:

Map Panel 12071C0566G

Map Panel 12071C0569G

Map Panel 12071C0567G

Map Panel 12071C0558G

Map Panel 12071C0554G

Map Panel 12071C0553G


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Floodplain Regulations

The Town of Fort Myers Beach is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program. By agreeing to enforce floodplain regulations, flood insurance becomes available to residents and property owners in the town.

The Town Council adopted new floodplain regulations (Ordinance 13-06) on September 3, 2013, effective immediately.

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FLood Hazard Determination for Lee County and Icorp Areas

To sign up for the Town of Fort Myers Beach Emergency Notification System, please click the following link and fill out the registration form. 

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Rainy Season/Hurricane Season Preparation

Proactive preparation helps minimize risk for personal safety and property damage during a hurricane or during rising waters due to heavy downpours and sheet flow. Here are some strategies and tips to help with preparation for storms.

The South Florida Water Management District also offers drainage-related tips. Remember, some standing water is normal after rain. Local lakes, ponds, swales, golf courses and even streets are often designed to temporarily collect excess water after heavy rainfall to keep it away from your home.