Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Advisory Board

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Mission Statement

The Bay Oaks Recreational Campus (BORC) serves the Town and surrounding area as a community center and recreational facility providing individuals and groups passive and active recreational, social and community activities and events for both residents and visitors. Programs offered will be well-rounded and developed to serve the varying needs of our youngest to oldest patrons in a safe healthy environment. As a community center, Bay Oaks Recreational Campus is a key resource in bringing people together to develop their sense of community and common interests. The Bay Oaks Recreational Campus park grounds, facilities and recreational offerings promote the development of group and individual health, fitness and personal advancement.

BORCAB Purpose and Scope

The purpose of BORCAB is to facilitate the accomplishment of the Bay Oaks Recreational Campus' mission statement and thereby to further the welfare of the citizens of the town and others utilizing the Bay Oaks Recreational Campus and its facilities, as well as to provide advice to the town council upon request with regard to matters concerning the Bay Oaks Recreational Campus and perform such other duties as the town council may, from time to time, assign to it.


BORCAB typically meets on the second Thursday of each month at 9am in the Council Chambers at Town Hall.

*Meetings are subject to change; please refer to the calendar of events for scheduled meetings.


  • Betty Simpson, Chair- Term Expires: October 2020
  • Rae Sprole, Vice Chair-Term Expires: October 2019
  • Becky Bodnar- Term Expires: October 2020
  • Lee Melsek-Term Expires: October 2019
  • Janna Holmes - Term Expires: October 2020
  • David Anderson- Term Expires: October 2019
  • Dan Allers- Term Expires: October 2019

Staff Liaison

Sean DePalma

Council Liaison

Tracey Gore
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